This website's main purpose is to informally archive my work and give a home to some of my thoughts. Like many Neocities users, I made this site I wanted an escape from social media, the zeitgeist of the modern internet. I aim to make this site lightweight, comprehensible, human and humane. I can't guarantee it'll be perfect, but I'm trying my best.

I created rareoarfishsightings on 12/23/23 and launched it on 12/28/23. There is no Javascript currently used on this site and I do not collect your data. I don't even know how to!

I tried to make this site relatively accessible, but still stylish. If you have any feedback on how I can improve the accessibility of my website, you can comment on my site profile.


My online alias is A.A. Fish, or just Fish for short. I call myself a "real oarfish" as a little inside joke to myself. (Un?)fortunately, I am actually human. Please make or break your own impression of me.

I'm also on the following platforms:

Instagram: a_a_fish (archive and announcements only)

Youtube: A.A. Fish (vocal synth covers and animations)


A standalone fullbody of my mascot character Vanitas.

Vanitas is a oarfish psychopomp that puppeteers a headless body. Their work (outside of being a pagedoll) is centered around LARPing as a salesman guiding the recently deceased. You can find them haunting the various pages of this site, including the index.