Log reset


If you've been hanging around this site since its very early stages, you'll find that I tend to delete my writing quite often. There's many reasons for this; embarassment, misinformation, redundancy ... all of which stem from the issue of just not knowing what I actually want to write about.

I initially wanted the logs to just be a replacement for the dumb one-off thoughts I put inside the occasional Instagram story I would post. What I didn't realize is that given the nature of my Instagram stories, what I would come to write would just be pointless.

So, after some reflection, I've decided to start writing more "newspost-like" logs where I'll talk about what I'm working on at the moment in terms of my projects and site. I think reflection and commentary will be inevitable as I write these, but if I end up writing a casual entry it'll most likely stick to more objective things, like stuff I've learned, observed, etc. Like a semi-public commonplace book, I guess.

I hope that this time, I can at actually offer something that's relevant to the nature of the site, and the people that interact with it. Please look forward to what I have to offer ...!